What do the staff figures tell us?

Our operations have long been on a moderate growth trajectory, and we mainly recruit people for full-time employment contracts valid until further notice. The average age of our employees has been 43 for a long time now, and the proportion of women is slightly higher than men. The majority of new recruits in 2022 were aged between 31 and 39.

The employees at Hansel are highly educated, with up to 89% of them holding a university degree (including degrees from universities of applied sciences). The most common degrees are commercial: Bachelor/Master of Economic Sciences or Bachelor of Business Administration. The most common degrees after these are from the legal field, Bachelor/Master of Laws.

“Hansel regularly organises internal training on current matters.”

Hansel regularly organises internal training on current matters, as well as procurement training, with our own employees as the instructors. All employees attended training to a similar extent, with supervisors having an average of 2.6 training days last year, compared to an average of 3.0 for other employees. Women were slightly more active as instructors, with an average score of 3.1, compared to 2.7 for men.

In terms of staff figures, interesting indicators to monitor include the exit rate of resigned employees and short-term sick leave. Both of these were on a slight upward trend but still at a good level last year. Eight employees resigned, leading to an exit rate of 6.3% (4.0% in 2021). Short sick leave totalled 3.1 days per person-year (1.4 days per person-year in 2021).

Temporary agency workers complement the Hansel talent pool

In 2022, Hansel used temporary agency workers from StaffPoint Oy. The services are purchased through a Hansel joint procurement contract. There were a total of seven temporary agency workers during the year. They did a variety of office work, including customer service and financial administration. Five of the StaffPoint employees were female and two were male. Employment has been mainly full-time, except for translator services, which have been used whenever necessary.


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