Communications training united and inspired

Working with stakeholders is an important part of the job of every Hansel employee. Public procurement is not a simple or easy subject, which is why we need good communication skills to explain our services understandably.

Our own training programme, Hansel Academy, has offered three communications courses to a wide range of specialists in recent years on writing, public speaking and PowerPoint presentations. In addition, supervisors have sought new ideas from the training for workplace communication during the era of hybrid working, and the management for strategy communications at the start of the new strategy period.

“All the groups included people who had not met each other in person before.”

The preparation of the communications training started in the spring of 2022 with a tendering process to find a partner. We were able to act as a pilot company for our own marketing communications DPS when we arranged two minicompetitions on advertising agency services and communications training. The selected partner is Ahjo Communications, and nearly all Hansel employees were acquainted with the instructors Eva Torra and Laura Vuorio-Kuokka during the year.

In-house training for a total of 17 days

Eleven training sessions on public speaking were arranged, attended by almost a hundred of our specialists. A total of almost 70 Hansel employees gathered for five coaching sessions on how to create better PowerPoint presentations. All the groups included people who had not met each other in person before. So, in addition to the content itself, being finally able to arrange training at the office and meet the colleagues after a break of a couple of years was highly valued.

Supervisors attended training sessions on workplace communication in September and October. These were followed up with a corporate culture development event in February 2023, building on the previous work on values in Hansel. Strategy communications training for the Executive Committee also took place in October 2022.

Feedback from the training sessions indicated that the training was necessary, and people felt that their communication skills had improved. We hope the tips we received will be reflected in even clearer communication to all our stakeholders.


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