Towards a new strategy period

In the spring of 2022, Hansel started the preparation of the new strategy in a highly volatile geopolitical context. The COVID-19 pandemic was just about over when Russia invaded Ukraine in February. The consequences of the war also affected Hansel in many ways through restrictive measures, rising prices and the energy crisis. Against this background, Hansel launched a referral debate on its strategy, involving a number of stakeholders.

The Executive Committee bore the main responsibility for the preparatory work, but an employee committee assembled by the employee representative also played an important role in the preparation of the strategy. The new strategy was approved by Hansel’s Board of Directors at its October meeting. Named the Growth Strategy, the new strategy will run until 2026. The Growth Strategy is a continuation of the earlier Integration Strategy, which introduced the policy of serving the entire public administration. During the integration period, a framework for growth was created and joint procurement contracts were put out to tender, most of which are now operational.

“Our vision is to be the preferred procurement partner for our customers, and the strategy is based on the added value offered to the customers.”

The Growth Strategy aims to achieve an increase of a half a billion euro in the use of joint procurement and make the operating result positive. Our vision is to be the preferred procurement partner for our customers, and the strategy is based on the added value offered to customers. Our operations must be ethical and efficient while providing an excellent service experience. Sustainability will continue to be our strength, and during the strategy period, we will focus especially on the monitoring of sustainability requirements and related communications. In terms of the personnel, our ambition is: “Know-how, appreciation, discussion and fun.”


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