Financial administration systems renewed

2022 was a busy year for Hansel’s financial team, as a long-term financial administration system upgrade project was completed. Preparations for the tendering were already started in the autumn of 2021 so that the call for tenders could be issued just before the turn of the year. Prior to that, we had a market dialogue with ten suppliers. The tendering was realised as an open procedure, and we received three offers by the deadline. The complexity of the procurement with its numerous integrations probably made suppliers less willing to bid, as we expected a slightly larger number of offers. The selected supplier was Azets Insight Oy, with whom we launched the roll-out project in April, having completed our financial statements.

The spring was reserved for specifications and the creation of reporting and invoicing templates. Our digital team completed a significant part of the integrations during the summer, and the old data was transferred to the new system in the autumn. The new system was launched in October. Given the scale of the project, we are satisfied with the overall progress – the project proceeded on time and on budget. As a precaution, we brought forward the October payday by one day, but the payment of salaries also went exactly as planned.

During the tendering process, we awarded quality points to service providers that could also provide financial administration services. Our idea was that we would outsource some of the work if the contract was awarded to a company that also offered such services. Hence, immediately after the roll-out project, we launched a smaller partial financial administration outsourcing project with the service team at Azets. The outsourcing project is now well underway, and routines are starting to take shape. The outsourcing had no impact on the composition of Hansel’s financial team, as the work had previously been done by a temporary agency worker for whom we were able to offer continued employment in another role. Preparing the first financial statements with new systems and with the partly renewed division of labour will still bring some extra excitement to the team’s life.


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