Preparedness in Hansel’s operations

In line with its strategy, Hansel ensures the continuity of its own operations and strengthens its role in stakeholder cooperation on procurement preparedness.

Procurement preparedness requires us to identify, independently and based on feedback from our customers, procurement projects that require preparedness measures. We must be able to manage the procurement process so that preparedness in procurement takes place systematically through the identification of risks. We must specify contractual terms for joint procurement which ensure an adequate level of preparedness and take into account the different customer needs.

Increasing preparedness

In the autumn, Hansel launched a preparedness development project. The project assesses preparedness in terms of three key themes:

  1. Consideration of preparedness in procurement
  2. Managing the continuity of Hansel’s own operations
  3. Strengthening of stakeholder cooperation

The results will be available in the spring of 2023.

“We must be able to manage the procurement process so that preparedness in procurement takes place systematically.”

The project has established levels of preparedness for joint procurement according to which joint procurement projects can be classified. Preparedness Levels 1 and 2 require measures to take preparedness into account. The project will create tools to carry out the assessment and ready-made model clauses for agreements.

Preparedness in Hansel’s own operations has been organised, and recovery plans for our information systems have been prepared. We also participated in the national TAISTO drill (in Finnish), and have been active in stakeholder cooperation on procurement preparedness.


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