Security at Hansel

The year 2022 was a time of renewal for Hansel’s security functions. The importance of security has been emphasised as the world has changed, and we renewed our security team to ensure that we could better respond to the challenges of the security environment.

In connection with the change, the team that was previously known as the data security team changed its name to the security team. The team’s duties include supporting Hansel’s specialists in different areas of security during the preparation of joint procurement, for example. The team is also responsible for the development of the company’s security practices and the maintenance of security expertise.

Security work on behalf of customers

The aim of our security work is to ensure that all our systems are as reliable and safe to use as possible. Our customers can also be confident that all key security considerations have been taken into account in our joint procurement tendering, and that the relevant terms and conditions and supporting documents used by our customers during tendering are well prepared and up to date.

“Key security considerations have been taken into account in our joint procurement tendering.”

In 2022, we invested even more than before in preparedness and continuity management. For the first time, we took part in the TAISTO drill (in Finnish) organised by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency National Cyber Security Centre, which is a drill to train for different types of emergencies and to test the ability of organisations to respond to new threats. The drill went well and made us confident that we were on the right path and should continue in the same direction.

We also value cooperation and the sharing of information, and during the year, we were involved in several cooperation projects to improve information security and data protection, particularly from the perspective of procurement.



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