Webinars on tendering, to dispel misconceptions and to reflect on sustainability

Our popular webinars continued in 2022 at the request of customers. The webinars covered topics such as sustainability, tendering and various misconceptions about procurement.

Our 2022 webinar series ran from April to December, with almost 2,000 persons registered. The entire webinar series was recorded, and the webinars are available for our customers to watch in our online service.

The series started with an introduction to Hansel’s tools that are available to use free of charge, Procurement Pulse and Procurement Pilot. Procurement Pulse assists our customers in seeing the big picture of their procurement activities, while in Procurement Pilot, the customer can set and monitor their procurement targets.

Joint procurement is at the heart of what we do, so naturally we set aside a one-hour webinar to discuss this topic. Why is joint procurement a good idea and what are the different approaches to joint procurement? These were some of the topics covered by Susanna Närvänen, Chief Category Officer, and Krista Koskimäki, Development Manager.

“Joint procurement is at the heart of what we do, so naturally we set aside a one-hour webinar to discuss this topic.”

There are some common misconceptions and misunderstandings about public procurement. In June, we virtually brought together our specialists to shed light on the truths behind these misconceptions. In addition to customers, the webinar was offered to our contractual suppliers. The delicious topic made it our most popular webinar of the year, attracting over 600 attendees. The chat was also lively, with the audience asking questions and reflecting on the topic from many angles. Public procurement is clearly of interest to people, and for good reason – after all, some €47 billion a year is spent on it!

The topic for the autumn was tendering. Antti Norkela, who was on job rotation at Hansel from the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, and Anni Varonen, Senior Adviser of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, shared practical examples and research data on the importance of tendering and insights on the consequences of not opening up public procurement to competition. The topic of tendering was continued by learning about the secrets of internal tendering in a dynamic procurement system, i.e. minicompetitions. Hansel’s specialists explained, among other things, how to formulate a successful invitation to tender and what criteria can be used when selecting a supplier in the procurement of expert services.

The year of webinars was crowned by a review on the sustainability of joint procurement. The webinar covered topics such as what sustainability means in practice in joint procurement and highlighted examples from the joint procurement of food, cleaning services and solar power plants.

Johanna Kaalikoski, Hansel’s Communications Manager who hosted the webinars, was satisfied with the year’s achievements.

“It’s a pleasure to introduce enthusiastic speakers who speak on topics that are important to them. Naturally, the most rewarding thing is to see that the themes we chose attracted a huge number of customers and provoked discussion and questions. We will certainly continue to arrange webinars in the future,” Kaalikoski promises.


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